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*This scent is a variation to the original scent

*Fragrance can only be shipped via standard ground shipping within the Contiguous U.S. Fragrance may be returned if unopened in original sealed packaging within 30 days of receipt.

After years of requests, Joie is pleased to present an updated version of our classic Folle de Joie fragrance developed with renowned fragrance maker Firmenich, and celebrated French nose Élise Bénat. The ingredients of Folle de Joie are responsibly sourced, and feature higher grade raw materials to achieve compliance and sustainability. ​

Featuring a whirlwind of floral notes and vibrant fruits; a delicious scent from us to you. Inspired by the romantic memories from our travels, this creamy perfume is a rebirth of delicately sweet touches with an enveloping edge for a sun-kissed dream. At the perfume’s heart is a luscious floral bouquet of Jasmine Sambac, Egyptian Rose and a fluttering burst of Peony petals, secured by the fruitiness of Moroccan Blood Orange, Japanese Yuzu and a hint of Pear. Learn more about Folle de Joie here

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I'm so disappointed.. this smells nothing like original. Is there any chance that the original will ever return?

Brooks from March 7, 2023

I was a huge fan of the original scent and ordered this with hesitation given reviews that the updated version is vastly different. So, here’s my take: it is different, but they have kept the same elements of the original. It has that subtle floral smell with rose undertones, which I love, and it is a wonderful daily scent for work - not too powerful, feminine, and fresh. I had it for about a week when I noticed I was instinctively reaching for it. So yes, I love it. It’s a modern upgrade that maintains the spirit of the original.

Ruth M. from September 17, 2022

Took a chance on the new fragrance and was sadly disappointed. The new scent is ok, but not a fragrance I will repurchase. Not sure why the OG and new fragrance can’t both be available, but I’m officially on the hunt for a new signature, every day perfume.

Maria R. from August 27, 2022

Not nearly as good as the original. Would be great if they could offer "classic" and "new".

Julie D. from April 6, 2022

The scent is not the same as before. I was disappointed.

Ana L. from April 3, 2022

This fragrance is light and pleasant. It is one of my favorite scents. I receive many compliments when I use it. I love it so much that I bought 3 bottles just in case it went out of stock or it got discontinued again.

Cindy N. from March 1, 2022

Beautiful Fresh Fragrance I bought a second bottle for my daughter it is a complement when your daughter wants to wear the same perfume as her mother my mothers perfume always smelled like bug spray

Shannen D. from February 26, 2022

I LOVE LOVE this scent. My new favorite. I'm compliment by women and men on this. It's a great light scent of spring. And for the price you get a nice size bottle. I smell great all day.

Debbie P. from February 26, 2022

Love the scent and I receive many compliments and they what is it but have not heard of it- which I like!

ANGELA N. from February 26, 2022

I know that this is not the remake of your previous scent but this new fragrance doesn’t resemble the old fragrance at all. I was pretty heart broken. I loved the original fragrance. I have very little left and I plan on using it for a very very very special occasion.

Dafne A. from February 25, 2022

The smell is not the same after it was revised.

KATIE S. from February 24, 2022

The original perfume was my favorite and I have still have yet to find one like it years later. So I was so happy that it was brought back and it’s a totally different perfume: it’s too strong and not attractive at all. You should’ve just renamed it instead of calling at the same.

Rachel N. from February 24, 2022

I was so excited when I saw Joie’s fragrance was coming back. Unfortunately, this is not the same perfume of the good ol’ days. It’s lovely, but a warmer/spicier scent than the original folle de joie.

Jasmine A. from February 24, 2022

I was so excited that Joie brought back their fragrance, but this is nothing like the original. That was spectacular! Perhaps this should have had a different name so there is a different expectation. This is an entirely different fragrance. I miss the original.

Stacy P. from February 24, 2022

Favorite fragrance of all time!!!

theresa B. from February 24, 2022

I bought the perfume after it has been out of stock for a few years. I didn’t realize they updated the scent. Unfortunately, I hated it. I miss the old scent. It has just sat in our cabinets since purchase.

Gena B. from February 24, 2022

This ‘new’ formula for Folle de Joie is nothing like the original and should not even have the same name. So many of us were excited to see it reintroduced only to be sorely disappointed by the result. I’m unsure of why it was changed but if at all possible it should be but back. The only reason I didn’t rate it as terrible is because it is an acceptable fragrance; in the end, however, it is an imposter. So very sad.

Samantha B. from February 24, 2022

This perfume is fine. However, when I smelled it for the first time, I felt disappointed that it was nothing like the old formula. I really wanted to like it, but the fragrance wasn’t appealing enough for me to keep it.

Kylie M. from February 24, 2022

Disappointed in the purchase. Used to have the original perfume and this formula is way cheaper and doesn’t smell at all like the original.

Marie-Anne H. from February 24, 2022

While this perfume is not exactly the same as the original Folle de Joie parfume, it is a beautiful scent to wear everyday. I checked the website, searched ebay (rude people charged $$$ for just the sample size) and ultimately waited for this to come back. I get compliments on the scent always and it will not disappoint.

Erin S. from February 24, 2022

I thought this fragrance was the original. Sadly it smells nothing like the one they used to sell.

Elissa W. from February 24, 2022

Best perfume ever seriously

Aimee G. from February 24, 2022

I was so excited to see that you brought back a fragrance to your line. I do like it, but I REALLY loved the original fragrance. I miss it and wish you would bring it back!:pray:

Myra C. from February 24, 2022

This one is ok, I don't find myself wearing it that much. I miss the old scent so much!! I think about it all the time, and hope it will come back some day

Stacy M. from February 24, 2022

This is my absolute favorite fragrance and I'm so happy they brought it back. I bought 2 just in case.

Sarah S. from February 24, 2022

My wife was excited but she was disappointed the sent wasn’t the same.

Duc N. from February 24, 2022

This scent is bright & fresh with citrusy top notes & fades to a clean almost powdery scent. It has lasting power- not a quick fade for such a delicate fragrance. ALWAYS compliments when I wear it! It’s an ageless treat!!

Denise O. from February 24, 2022

I have waited years for Joie to release the Folle de Joie Fragrance. I have been hoarding the little left in my original bottle for ever and was so excited to see the fragrance released. This is NOT the same scent. The citrus is decreased and the floral is increased, so it has become a new scent that tips its hat to the original. It's still pleasant, but when you buy one thing that has been building in anticipation in your mind for *years* and get another, it sours the experience.

Erin B. from February 24, 2022

Definitely smells different than the original Folle de Joie that I got in a Birchbox many years ago and then continued to buy from Joie in subsequent years. I was really disappointed at first and I was going to return it, but the new formula grew on me and I ended up keeping it. Still smells better than any other perfume I’ve come across! But still, would be awesome if they eventually revert to the original version that we all loved so much.

catherine W. from February 24, 2022

The perfume is ok, nothing wrong with it. But by far not as amazing as the former now discontinued scent which I loved! Please bring back the original formula!!!

Anke B. from February 24, 2022

This new formula is ok… a lot more spicy upfront compared to the original. The original was more floral and rose my favorite. Please bring back the original… give the people/fans what they want lol.

Sasha from April 22, 2023

This is certainly not the original fragrance but this one still smells wonderful regardless. I do wish the scent would linger a while longer, but nonetheless I am impressed and will continue to repurchase. If you ever do go back to the OG I will be first in line to purchase!

Ashley from June 30, 2023

Absolutely love this fragrance.

Tracey from July 25, 2023

Love this perfume ! So unique and beautiful. My favorite !

Lindsey from August 10, 2023

I loved the original perfume and I have no idea why it can’t be made anymore. I won’t purchase the updated version again.

Lauren from September 11, 2023